The Terrarium Story

A mission to serve.

The founder of Potifiv, Pauline came across a moving story shared on social media by a lady about her wish and years spent to find a similar looking terrarium that had once played a significant part in her life. 

' I remember as a little kid, my mom and I would visit granny over the weekends. She had this interesting space age globe terrarium that was filled with fancy plants and figurines in the living room. I was always fascinated with the plants and cool stuff inside that it was always my "Go-to" spot when I was at her place. 

The terrarium was a treasure to my mom and an important piece of my childhood memories. How I wish I can find a similar looking one for my mom and also to show my kids now, to share with them those happy moments I had when I was their age and stories to connect them with their granny and great granny.'

Inspired by this lady's story, Pauline was motivated and decided to research and recreate a similar looking atomic space age terrarium that was once popular in the 70-80s. She desires to serve this lady and others in reminiscing their childhood memories so they can share those happy moments with their loved ones.

Atomic space age terrarium story

This is the story behind the rebirth of this vintage terrarium. This terrarium does not only has an atomic space age design that is aesthetically pleasing and compatible to current home decor styles but it is also highly functional. In view of smaller homes nowadays, we have resized it so as to fit better in today's spaces.


A terrarium that is beautiful, functional and most importantly - a story to tell.